Friday, April 4, 2008

Open Letter of Bloc 8406
in opputunity of
the National Calamity Day
(September 2, 2007)


- Governments, Parliaments and International Organizations,
- The Vietnamese People overseas and inside Vietnam.

To the Vietnamese Communists, September 2 is the National Celebration Day, but to the majority of our people, both without and within Vietnam, it is the National Calamity Day because immensurable sufferings and disasters heaped upon our country and our people by Ho Chi Minh and his Communists Party since 1945. Commemorating this grievous day, Bloc 8406 would like to share with you our view on recent events that concern many of us, and to express our gratitude to all the helps afforded us by Governments, Organizations, and individuals from all corners of the Globe.

1. We strongly condemn the Vietnamese Communists for their harassments, arbitrary arrests, unjust judgments and illegal imprisonment of private union organizers, complainants whose lands and properties were confiscated by central and local authorities, advocates of Democracy and Religious Freedom and members of various religious and political organizations, such as the Buddhist Abbot Thich Quang Do, Catholic priest Nguyen Van Ly, Lawyer Le Thi Cong Nhan (Vietnam Progression Party member), journalist Nguyen Khac Toan , to name but a few.

2. We warmly welcome the most Venerable Thich Quang Do’s August 11 call for establishment of the Relief Fund for victims of unjust confiscation,and the August 23 trip to Hanoi by the Venerable Thich Khong Tanh, the Commissioner General for Social Charity of the United Buddhist Church of Vietnam, to provide relief for the complainants. Even though relief failed to reach the victims because of state’s intervention, his brave and noble endeavor is appreciated by all of us.

We also welcome the Communities of Free Vietnamese of Australia for their preparation to partake in the demonstrations to bring out in the open blatant violations of Human Rights by the Vietnamese Communist Regime during the APEC Summits to be held from August 6 to 9, 2007 in Australia and all other compatriots who are to take part in demonstrations against Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on his visit to the UN General Assembly in New York from August 18 to 28, 2007.

We earnestly request the overseas Vietnamese, especially those in Australia and the US, to join these demonstrations for a very simple reason: if successful in receiving international supports for any of their goals (political, economic and diplomatic), the Communists will turn around and suppress the democratic advocates in side Vietnam even more.

3. We sincerely thank the US House of Representatives for having passed, on July 31, 2007, the 2007-Human Rights Bill for Vietnam (H.R. 3096). We sincerely hope that the US Senate would also pass this Bill so that it will become Law that serves as forewarning the Vietnamese Communist Regime against their continued violations of Human Rights.

We are thankful to the Polish Amnesty International for having added Father Nguyen Van Ly, one of Bloc 8406 founding members, to the list of four international prisoners who need urgent help for their liberation. We are very grateful to Freedom and Democracy loving peoples all over the World, especially the Polish people for having signed on to the petition to PM Nguyen Tan Dung asking for Father Nguyen Van Ly's release.

4. We strongly praise the following compatriots:

ª The imprisoned democrats and their families for the considerable sacrifices that they make for our great cause,

ª All members of Bloc 8406 and Human Right Warriors for their tireless efforts to provide comfort and assistance to victims of illegal land and properties confiscation and workers on strike.

ª The philanthropic and courageous religious leaders for having stood up for the defenseless victims, demanded freedom for the people and the Church, spoken out against the Regime's exploitation and brutality without regard for their own safety.

5. We straightforwardly assert that the Movement of victims demanding the return of their lands and properties unjustly consfiscated has been around for many years at many localities (such as Quynh Phu of Thai Binh, Tho Ha of Ha Tay and Xuan Loc of Dong Nai Provinces). Only recently its presence has become known to the outside world thanks to its persistence and growth in scope and scales. This is an inevitability of a dictatorial and tyrannic system that has rotten to the core.

From these observations, we conclude:

- That there will no ends to the questions of unjust land and property seizures, imprisonment of religious and political leaders and union organizers etc… so long as the Vietnamese Communist Party still holds power.

- That the only solution is to have a multiparty system that respects the people's rights, accepts healthy competitions among groups with differing ideas and guaranties full participation from all walks of life.

Interim Representatives of Bloc 8406:

Do Nam Hai – (Saigon)
Phan Van Loi – (Hue)
Tran Kim Anh – (Thai Binh)
Nguyen Xuan Nghia – (Hai Phong)