Friday, April 4, 2008

Open Letter to Vietnamese citizens
supporting the Appeal for Freedom of Political Association
and the Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam

May 9, 2006

We wish to express our sincere support, encouragement, and respect for the 116 Vietnamese citizens who signed the April 6, 2006, "Appeal for Freedom of Political Association" and the 118 Vietnamese citizens who signed the April 8, 2006, "Manifesto on Democracy and Freedom for Vietnam.”

It is our understanding that since these documents were released, thousands of Vietnamese – living inside the country and abroad – have expressed their support. These documents are a compelling reminder that while the freedoms we enjoy are not universal, the thirst for freedom most certainly is.

We hope that this letter will further serve as a reminder to those who would silence these voices that any act of repression or intimidation against citizens peacefully expressing their beliefs is a gross violation of human rights, wholly inconsistent with the image of stability and progress that the Government of Vietnam is currently pursuing. The world is watching.

To those living in Vietnam who have given their signatures to these historic documents, your courage and dedication in advocating for human liberty through peaceful and nonviolent means serves as an inspiration to your fellow citizens, to us, and to the world. We stand with you in your struggle.


1- Loretta Sanchez
2- Tom Davis
3- Zoe Lofgren
4- Chris Smith